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I think I need some Christian advice. (No Atheist sinners please)? - Ok, I totally get that Leviticus 18:22 quite clearly forbids homosexuality. This is fine, but I have a few other questions about sinners. There are some rude young teenagers round my area, so I turned to the bible for advice. Kings 2:23-24 says that God once mauled mocking teenagers to death with bears. Should I attempt to steal some from my local zoo, and set them upon the teens? My friend had an illness in his testicles, and had to have them removed. Deuteronomy 23:1 says that he will not be allowed in to heaven without a complete set of reproductive organs. Does this make him a sinner? Should I disassociate myself with him? I have over heard people talking about masterbation before. They have wasted their seed, so, in compliance with Genesis 38:8-10, should I be advising them to take their own lives? If I were to kill 100 people who are enemies of God, and then take their forskins as an offering, how should I offer them? Should I put them in a jar? Or just heap them at my church? Samuel 18:25-27 isn't particularly clear on this matter. If my child were to sin, would cutting off his forskin appease the Lord for his sins? Exodus 4:24-25 says a flint was used, can I use a knife or other sharp object? False idols is a mass problem im sure, but Ezekiel 16:17 mentions people making love to false idols. Would dildos count in modern day times? I could try and smite dildo users, is this a good idea? If a woman were to grab my genitals with the intent of a 'low blow', so to speak, is cutting off her hand as suggested in Deuteronomy 25:11-12 always necessary? Even if the pain isn't that severe? Any advice on these matters would be very helpful indeed. No, im not being serious. Im glad most of you worked this out. Really, this is just to people who think homosexuality is wrong and the whole of the bible should be interpreted literally. This wasn't a copy paste job. I didn't come up with the original idea, but I wrote this myself. Yes, I have no life. Im well aware that most Christians dont have a problem with homosexuals - again, this is just aimed at those who do.